And she’s off

Sitting at the airport HOURS in advance of my departure and somehow it still doesn’t seem real. Probably because I spend a fair amount of time here transiting between Washington and Colorado to see family. It definitely feels different. The bags are different. Ticket counter at an airline I’ve never flown before. Having virtual conversations with couchsurfing hosts offering a free place to stay. I wonder when it will sink in? Maybe hour 5 of the flight if I’m not fortunate enough to be asleep.

A friend was gracious enough to give me a ride to the airport. As we drove down the freeway I was taking inventory of what is in my bags, checking off the mental list of things I MUST have to be able to work. I panic for a moment not being able to mentally account for the laptop power cord. “It has to be in the bag, there is nowhere else it could possibly be” I tell myself. Earlier I had done a little shuffling with my bags and I worried I had left it in the backpack I had dropped off at the storage unit. We pull off the freeway and into a parking lot before getting too much farther away. Whew! It’s there.

With all the extra time on my hands I’m getting some work done as I’ll be losing a day. Great way to test that I’m functioning. I do love that peace of mind. Let’s just hope it all makes it to London with me!


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