The best land plans

Somehow I managed to stay awake until about midnight on arrival day. Woke up around 8am expecting to go to Legoland (surprised? You should be!). As me, Mary, and her daughters headed to the car I heard a shriek and turned in time to see the teenagers cell phone fall to the ground. She picked it up and you could tell her day was ruined. The screen was broken. Despite attempts to remedy the situation by putting the SIM in another phone there was no longer an interest in going to Legoland. Instead we went to the mall in Reading where they found an Apple store that replaces screens in 2 hours. With the phone being tended to we set off for a little shopping  (surprise #2 for those that know me well). First stop, Hotel Chocolate (not surprising at all!). I made a purchase thinking “I’ll leave it with Mary then take it home in September.” Yah, Melinda, you’re cute! I’m not sure there will be any to leave.

Next door I found Millies Cookies. Fortunately we only stopped long enough to get a picture of the sign. Several friends call me Millie, and I’ve got a bit of a reputation as a baker so it seemed fitting. What can I say, I’m easily amused.


While killing time we decided to walk over to the Giraffe for lunch which took us past the Reading Minister. What a stunning building. I’ve never seen one with the checkered facade.

image image image

The grounds had a cemetery with this gnarly looking tree watching over the graves.


We got lunch and the phone got fixed, all is right with the teenagers world. 🙂

Sadly I’m experiencing a technology issue of my own. The laptop power cord seems pretty pissed about the voltage. Doesn’t matter if I use an adapter or converter. I’ve been able to limp along while waiting for a UK power cord to be delivered tomorrow. I realize the rest of Europe uses a different plug but my hope is the new brick can properly handle the voltage and will work with an adapter. Of course this is the one piece that HAS to work or I’m in trouble. Wish me luck!

In other news, France is misbehaving and has me reconsidering my plans for the weekend. I wanted to take a 2-day tour of the Normandy beaches, Mont Saint Michel, and Saint Malo but Paris seems a bit of a mess. Transportation workers striking/protesting, flooding, Euro 2016 championships, and word of terrorist plots lead me to believe this weekend is not ideal. Since I have the luxury of being able to do it later, I think I’ll find something else to occupy my time until heading to Spain. Any suggestions?

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