Navigationally challenged

After my last posted I curled up in bed and proceeded to toss and turn for some time. I got up and started to make my way down the stairs to the bathroom. Apparently I missed the last step and took a pretty spectacular fall. Woke up  Mary who was sleeping on the couch. I’m fine, a little scrape and bruise on a my leg and a few bruised toes. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, and seriously I’ve nearly done it a few more times today.

When I got up this morning the family was rushing around getting ready for R’s departure to Seattle. Their goodbyes got me teary and cried when she turned and gave me a big hug too. It was nice to get a few days with her. It had been a long time. Hopefully her travels went smoothly.

All day I impatiently checked out the window for the Amazon delivery person. I had made plans to meet one of my local colleagues in person for our weekly meeting so I had to leave before the power cord arrived. Fortunately it did make it and has remedied the problem. 🙂

My trip into London to see said colleague was interesting. I frequently proclaim that I am navigationally challenged and today was no exception. My little treks into London rarely go smoothly and it usually leaves people waiting for me. I hate being late! I had been given clear instructions on how to get to the office. I didn’t follow them. I am an idiot and I paid the price. I also learned an important lesson about slowing down and not making impulse decisions. I did eventually make it to his office and we had our meeting. We left the office and hopped the train back to his neighborhood to grab a quick bite to eat, then I continued on to Reading. Nice little networking opportunity.

There were several interesting buildings I am sad I was unable to photograph. Between the GPS navigation and work apps my phone was nearly dead by the time I got into Hammersmith. I really need to make sure my phone is fully charged before I leave, and start taking that other little camera with me. Sorry, no pictures for you today.

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