Having another low key day getting caught up on the work I missed with my power issues earlier in the week. I’m pretty excited that its Friday and I’ll have all day tomorrow to get lost at leisure.

In my last post I mentioned I’d been whipped into a impulsive frenzy so I wanted to share what went down.

I was chatting with a coworker about how I’d wanted to go to France for this tour over the weekend but things seemed a bit chaotic in Paris. Our conversations pretty typically go sideways in the most amusing of ways and this was no exception. The topic of Euro2016 (soccer for those of you, like me, who don’t follow it) came up. Here is a snippet of the conversation:

“lets play ‘would you rather'”

“would you rather die in a car accident sitting on the 405 going to work for meeting that’ll probably get cancelled”

“or would you rather die coming back from a euro cup match where you sat next to David Beckham who kept leaning his thigh on yours and then the winning team hugged and doubled kissed your cheek on the way out of the stadium and a terrorist bombed the tube”

Now I realize there is less than zero chance of me sitting next David Beckham (honestly not sure I’d recognize him if I did) but he makes a valid point. How many opportunities will I have to attend this caliber of a professional sporting event? I had entertained the idea of going to some sort of soccer match while I’m in Europe, why not make it one of the best?!

So Tuesday I will be in Saint-Étienne, France to watch Portugal vs. Iceland. With the ticket purchased I thought I would impulsively squeeze in the Normandy tour I wanted to do this weekend but the tour was sold out and trying to find something last minute in Paris was more work than I wanted. Northern France will wait for another time. Now I need to work on getting a place to stay.

Since Avignon is only a few hours away and the area has some things I’m eager to see I plan to head that direction on Sunday. I’ve booked a tour for Monday afternoon. Tomorrow I will either head into London or maybe north to Cambridge.

Hope your Friday treats you well!

p.s. him and I have agreed he should probably not be consulting me on my trip too much. I will return broke.

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