Down on the farm

It was nearly noon before I was up and ready for the world today. By the time I made it downstairs I was hungry. Yogurt was simply not going to do. I knew there had to be somewhere within a reasonable distance to get some food. All Chris had to say was “English Breakfast” and i knew it was the perfect recommendation. He decided to join me and we walked the mile or so to Lockey Farms.

So much more than a great breakfast, the property includes a farm shop, butcher, play area, and petting zoo. We took breakfast on the patio which seemed like a good idea until the Barney tractor toy started talking…lol. Once breakfast was finished we roamed around to visit all the animals. Then I made the mistake of going into the store. We tasted some cheese, drooled on some baked goods, and I bought way too stuff. Here are some highlights.

image image image image image image

We stopped at the convenience store on the way back where I purchased more junk. Apparently it was a snacking kind of day.

After all that fun in the sun I was ready for a nap but it was nearing time to get my workday started. At work I was whipped into an impulsive frenzy, but I think I’ll save that story for the morning.

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