Taking a moment

I didn’t feel right sharing all the traveling fun without first acknowledging the shootings in Orlando. As I powered down my phone this morning I caught a glimpse of a headline but in a rush to get on the train I didn’t click on the article because I thought “oh, another shooting…”. It wasn’t until I made it to my final destination that I realized the enormity of the situation. My heart breaks for all the victims families and friends, and for the LGBT community as a whole. We’re all just people trying to find what makes us happy. Why do some feel so compelled to destroy others because they think, feel, believe, or do things differently? It makes me sick to think this is going to be marked as another “unfortunate event” that results in no action being taken. I’m ashamed of all of us for continuing to stand by and do nothing about gun control. There has to be a better way.

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