Another day of transit – June 15

No pictures for June 15th. My initial plan was to stay in England until June 15th then head to Madrid. The addition of the EURO2016 was a big contrast to the slow nature in which my journey started. I spent this day in transit. Train from Saint-Étienne to Lyon, shuttle from the train station to the airport, then I was off to Spain. My flight left at 11:35am and I was reasonably concerned bout making it in time. My host assured me I had plenty of time, but she does not know about my navigational struggles.

The check in and security process as a bit different in Lyon. You don’t go through security or the boarder check until you’re at your at the gate section. The line was slow and I was running short on time. Finished the process with just enough time to board the plane. Good news! Vueling didn’t weigh my bag! The dimensions of my luggage adhere to their guidelines, but the weight definitely does not. I hear Ryanair is the most stringent about checking this. I don’t plan to do much flying but keep your fingers crossed I’ll continue to get lucky.

Off to Barcelona for a long lay-over before continuing on to Seville. The 4.5 hours at the Barcelona airport was actually a welcomed break after several days of being on the go.

The flight to Seville was probably one of the more uncomfortable flights I’ve had. Center seats just do not work for me. My knees were smashed into the seat in front of me. The girl next to me was doing a lot of wiggling and heavy sighing. I really do understand it sucks having to sit next to the fat chick. If airlines provided an alternative that didn’t include purchasing an entire extra ticket I’d be happy to pay more for the sake of everyone. In the end I have the right to travel. I have no doubt I was way more uncomfortable (it was pain, not just discomfort) than she was and I just wanted to punch her in the face. Usually I have more sympathy.

Thanks to the great direction of my couchsurfing host I had no problems getting from the airport to his apartment in Seville. He helped me get settled in then offered dinner and a beer. When he initially agreed to host me I felt like I was depriving myself of an authentic local experience by staying with an American but after traveling on my own with very few people that spoke English is was nice to be somewhere I could have a normal conversation. Kevin has been in Seville for 15 months so he had great advice on what tourist spots to hit first and where to find good food.

I got wifi set up and spent the rest of the evening working and visiting with my host.

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