Cadiz – June 18

I decided I needed some time to catch up and relax. Yesterdays extravaganza left me burned…literally. Probably one of the worst sunburns I’ve had. I wasn’t expecting to be out in the sun so hadn’t properly protected myself. The breeze made the sun feel so nice it didn’t dawn on me I was being scorched.

I’ve spent some time today sorting through pictures and updating the blog so people know what I’ve been up to. Around 2pm I did finally venture into central Cadiz to find food and see what there was to see. I was sporting my long sleeved shirt with built in UV protection. Yes, people looked at me like I was crazy. No, I don’t care. They would have looked at me funny regardless. I wandered the streets, frequently from shadow to shadow. A few hours of meandering and I was feeling worn out. I walked back to the apartment along the water front hoping for a breeze and looking for shade. It was so hard to not just jump into some of these fountains. The heat was simply too much for me (looks like we hit a high of just 91).

I saw some neat stuff and I’m not feeling bad about staying comfortable indoors. I’ve got another week in Spain so I need to let my poor skin heal.

Tomorrow I’m off to Granada!


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