Heading to the coast – June 17

I was awake way earlier than expected and not feeling too bad all things considered. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t 100%, but I wasn’t totally hating myself. Whew! The other couchsurfers were up and we all visited for awhile. They headed out to see Seville but I wasn’t feeling a compelling need to go anywhere. Kevin and I hung out for a bit and he offered to give me a ride to my next destination, Cadiz. He was going to meet up with a friend in Rota and thought it wouldn’t be too far out of his way.

The drive south was nice. Lots of fields of sunflowers, some divided by flowering bushes. He stop by the Rota Naval Base to take care of a few things then we checked google for directions to my airbnb in Cadiz. Turns out it was going to be another 40 minutes drive, more like 80 for him since his destination for the evening was Rota. Not wanting to inconvenience him I told him I could take a ferry or bus to Cadiz instead. With some additional support from google I found there was a ferry that should get me there quite efficiently. He dropped me off at the port and I assured him I’d be able to figure out where I needed to be. That was dumb!

I wandered around the buildings right there by the parking lot, nothing. I wandered over to the next building over, there was something. A sign in Spanish that said something about hours ending at 14:00. Well shit, of course it was after 2! So I started trying to figure out how I was going to get to Cadiz. I looked for buses but their website was confusing. I considered a taxi but it was going to be expensive. I walked over to the beach to sit and think for a minute. Wandered back to the port thinking maybe I’d missed something. This time I noticed a shack that would normally have someone selling tickets. It was all closed up which I thought confirmed I was screwed as far as the ferry went. Did some more pacing and pondering. I was mad at myself for not just taking the train and avoiding this mess.

Finally I decided to go over to a nearby hotel to see if they could help me contact a taxi. I attempted to call them myself but there was a communication issue. I walked in and was warmly greeted by the woman at the front desk. I told her my dilemma and she said they typically run a shuttle if the ferry is canceled so she offered to call the company. She finished the conversation and told me the ferries were running as scheduled. I was confused but relieved to hear this whole ordeal was just another “learning opportunity”.

I gave her a perplexed look and asked for more specific instructions on how to find the ferry. Turns out I was incredibly close but just not far enough down the dock to find the ferry. I had looked down the dock earlier and all I’d seen was a marine gas station. I didn’t realize there was another building tucked in there. How about you put up a sign, people!!! I guess they must not get too many lost tourists around there. She gave me a map, I expressed my endless gratitude for her assistance, and rushed off to catch the next ferry.

Made it to Cadiz! My airbnb host would be at work until 8:30 so I wandered off the ferry and into central Cadiz to get connected and start my work day. I found what I believed to be a quiet corner restaurant to work from. Of course the one meeting I had for the day apparently was the exact time everyone in Cadiz starts to wander the streets. I’m definitely going to have to be more aware of my plans and surrounding when it comes to accepting future meetings. In this case it wasn’t a big deal, thankfully.

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