Seville Spain – June 16

I feel in love with this place instantly. Likely due in part to the weather being far cooler that morning that it had been in previous days. I had been told to expect 100+ degree temperatures, but I think we hit a high of 80 which is pretty much the upper end of my comfort range.

The night earlier Kevin had taken me to the rooftop to point out some of the local sites, and showed me where they were on the map. I left the apartment that morning feeling confident about finding my way around. It was a nice change!

I hit up the churro shack at the end of the block for a little breakfast and coffee then made my way down the riverfront. I was a bit jealous of the kayakers I saw out there but with my limited time and Spanish skills I didn’t think a trip down the river made sense.

There are some really great sites to see in the city center. I think I wandered past Plaza de España without realizing. Made my way to and around the Cathedral & Giralda. It is immense and incredible!

I had been instructed to go to the Alcázar of Seville first as it gets very busy in the afternoon. I just happened to find myself at the exit when I completed my circle of the cathedral. I made my way around to the entrance and the back of the line. Thankfully the line hadn’t gotten too long yet.

I was absolutely blown away by this place. I feel like I could have spent the whole day there trying to memorize every detail. The pictures are great but they don’t do it justice. Such and immensely beautiful place. If you come to Spain, promise me you will go see this place! Here are some highlights.

Come midday I was feeling pretty worn out so I got some lunch and went back to the apartment in hopes of a nap. On my way I got a message from Kevin asking where I was at. He had another couchsurfer arriving and he wondered if I was at his apartment to let her in.

I showered and attempted a nap but was unsuccessful so I got a jump start with work. The 2nd couchsurfer stopped by the apartment long enough to drop her bags and go. Kevin got back from work with news there was a 3rd couchsurfer coming.

Finished up work and the 3 of us headed out for some tapas and drinks. Oh mercy, there was a lot of good food and even more alcohol to wash it down. Couchsurfer #2 met up with us briefly. We bounced around to a few places before heading back to the apartment to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. I think it was about 5am when we called it a “night” and headed to bed. We had a pretty fantastic time. I just worried about how I would be feeling the next day…




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