First class doesn’t suck – June 23

I headed to Barcelona to enjoy my first ever Dreamtrip with World Ventures. I’ve been looking forward to this for months!

I was up early to get the bus to the train station where I’m taking the AVE train to Barcelona. With speeds somewhere around 300 km/hr we made the trip in little over 5 hours. Paying a little extra for the First Class ticket was money well spent. Big, cushy seat with plenty of leg room as well as a hot breakfast. I was a little disappointed to find there were no power plugs in the single seats, but there are in the doubles. Not a big deal since I planned to snooze anyway, but its something I’ll make a note of for future long-distance reservations.

Today also happens to be Saint Joans day which is celebrated with bonfires and parties on the beach and fireworks. I gather is something of a solstice celebration for the Catalonians. Tomorrow is apparently a holiday which should make getting around interesting.
Oddly enough I’m looking forward to the first hotel stay of my trip. I think it will be nice to be able to have a space all to myself for a little while.

The train arrived in Barcelona and I opted to take a taxi to the hotel. I checked in with the Dreamtrips host, Elsa, and was informed our itinerary had changed a bit due to the holiday. I had taken Friday off work expected a full day of tours but was just a happy to spend the day doing the hop on/hop off bus.

I had some sangria as I waited for my room to be ready. It was good, but I really prefer the Spanish mojitos. Very refreshing!


My room was ready so I headed up and got online to start work. Around 7pm we had a welcome reception and I got a chance to meet many of my travel companions for the next couple of days. Doru and Maria from Romania did not speak a lot of English but we had fun trying to communicate. There were also folks representing the Sweden, Canada, China, Italy, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and the U.S. It was a quite the diverse group.

I think many of them headed to the beach to check out the fireworks for Saint Joans but I returned to my room to work. I did venture out a bit later for dinner, but decided the random fireworks blasts were more causing me some odd anxiety so I didn’t venture far.

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