So long Spain. Or so I thought – June 26

Sunday morning I awoke with no real plan for the day except to catch my 8pm flight to Venice. I made it to breakfast with little time to spare then returned to my room to pack since check out was at noon. Elsa met me and asked what my plans were for the day. She made some suggestions for spots nearby she thought I’d enjoy.

This first group is of the Palau de la Música Catalana. I’d really love to go back some day and see the inside, maybe catch a show.

I checked out of my room and had the front desk store my bags so I could do some more wandering. I went to see the buildings Elsa had recommended and stopped for some lunch in between. Feeling sufficiently sunned I returned to the hotel where I found Elsa in the bar. We sat and visited until it was time for me to head off to the airport.

During my earlier wandering I’d found the bus to the airport. I made it to the stop in time to hop a nearly full bus. I was feeling pretty good about things as I rolled into the airport and was pointed toward a general gate where my flight should be departing.

As the time for the flight neared the departures screen updated with a gate. I made my way there only to see a message that the plane was delayed an hour. My airbnb host had offered to pick me up at the airport so I contact him right away to let him know of the delay. These things happen.

The new departure time neared and people were lining up at the gate expecting to board. I heard a bunch of chatter and looked toward the gate agents and they were surrounded by angry Italians. I had met Susan and her family during the dreamtrip over the weekend. They were kind enough to let me know what was going on. Our flight was canceled. No explanation. No apology. No direction. Just canceled. So the mob of angry passengers flooded the information booth who directed us to the Vueling Customer Service desks. The line was enormous and slow moving. We literally spent hours in line awaiting our fate. By the time I got to the desk there were no flights to Venice available the next day. More angry Italians and excellent translators keeping me informed. Susan’s family had opted to fly into Florence where Vueling would provide a bus to Venice so I did the same.

We had to go stand in another slightly less horrify line to get our boarding passes and food/hotel vouchers. Papers collected a group of us made our way down to the café for a quick bite to eat before headed out to where a shuttle was supposed to be waiting to take us to a hotel. We spent another couple hours (no dramatization needed) waiting for the shuttle. By the time we got to the hotel it was 1:30am. The flight to Florence was at 7am. The shuttle from the hotel would be collecting us at 5am. It was a shame I only got a quick nap in the luxurious 5 star hotel they put us in. That kind of added insult to injury.

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