Wine and Tarragona – June 25

Saturday our group set out for a day of touring. First stop, the Torres Winery. I was expecting a typical tasting like I’ve done in Seattle but it was so much more. Unlike Seattle, Torres grows its own grapes and owns the process start to finish. During the tour you learn a bit about the family history and the different awards, you take a little train ride through the site, and finish off with a wine tasting and shopping opportunity. It was very interesting. The vineyard is organic and their plant focuses on sustainable processes. They are even researching what varietals will grow at higher elevations preparing for the reality of climate change. I’m glad to know someone is thinking ahead. If its going to get more uncomfortable outside it will be nice to know we can still get drunk and try to ignore it.

I had come to the conclusing purchasing a bottle didn’t make sense considering the incredibly limited amount of space in my luggage. Elsa was kind enough to point out our dinner later in the evening would not include any drinks so it may be wise to buy a bottle to drink. I love a girl who thinks ahead!

We left the winery and stopped at a restaurant on our way to Tarragona. Traditional Catalonian food and it was fantastic. They brought out some bread, pointed out the garlic and tomatoes on the table, then proceeded to show us how to season our bread. It was delicious. Like bruchetta without the mess. Salad, entree, dessert and more wine. I think that makes 5 glasses and its barely after noon.

We carried on to Tarragona with a brief picture stop at the Pont del Diable. Roman aqueduct #2. I wonder if I can find one in every country I visit?


Off the bus and back into the heat as we walked across the street and courtyard to the Tarragona museum. We only had 40 minutes or so to check out the museum and wander around the city. Being ever aware of my poor navigational skills I opted to keep it close to our departure point. I did wander back across the street for a marvelous view of the Mediterranean.

Back to the bus for the ride hope. I got in a quick nap along the way. We arrived back to the hotel with less than an hour before our farewell dinner that evening.

The group was a bit sparse at dinner but it gave me a nice opportunity to talk with the different people and foster new friendships. It seemed like most of us were enjoying Barcelona as part of bigger trips. It was fun to hear about where they had been or where they were going next.


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