In transit…still – June 27

Sleep deprived and bitter I made it to the lobby in time for the 5am departure. Through security and to the gate without issue. We arrive at the gate and one of the guys that was near us in line yesterday came over and told us they had oversold the flight by 20 people. My blood boiled and my voice must have raised a bit because people started looking. My fit was unfounded, I had a seat assignment so I was one of the lucky ones. I don’t know who else may have gotten screwed.

Uneventful flight to Florence. We all departed the plane and headed to the information desk to find out where we would find the shuttle. They were completely unaware of the situation. That’s not a good sign.

I attempted to get a few pictures from the plane but it was a bit hazy and there were spots on the window.

Another 2 hours of being told the shuttle would be there in 20 minutes. During the whole ordeal there was a group of a dozen or so of us that had bonded in commiseration. One gal was an eternal optimist, the kind I usually want to smack in the face. I think she did a great job of defusing some of the tension.

Finally, a bus had arrive. It was total shit but it was hopefully going to get us where we needed to go.

It was close to 3pm by the time I got to Treviso and my hosts place. I decided Venice would have to wait, I needed to get a nap before I started work.

Vueling will never get another cent from me. That was by far the worst experience I’ve had with an airline. Its no wonder the flights are so inexpensive, they don’t get any repeat customers. Several other travelers from the weekends Dreamtrip had similar experiences with flights being canceled.

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