Treviso, Italy – June 29

Another day with a slow start. While visiting with Giorgio at breakfast I asked where I could get postage. He mentioned he was going to run some errands and he would pick some up for me. He is too generous.

I did not feel compelled to return to Venice so I did laundry and filled out the post cards. I got online and found the city where I was staying had a fair amount of attractions to see as well so I packed up a few things and headed out.

Ugh! It’s so hot! I feel like I haven’t stopped sweating since I left Seattle. I had my hat and sunblock, hopefully that would keep my skin safe at least.

I found some lovely stuff to see around town. I even wandered through a shopping area. It was shaded and cool. Ahhh, brief reprieve.

Just past the shopping center I found a spot to eat. I don’t know why I didn’t go eat inside where there was air conditioning. I had a little lunch then saw an irresistible treat on the menu. Coppa Yogurt Fragola. Frozen and regular yogurt with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. So simple and so satisfying.


I noticed a supermarket and tourist information booth nearby so I finished up and headed that way. I have neared the end of my 3oz supply of toiletries so shopping was in order. I wasn’t able to find travel sized bottles. This should be interesting. I am still amazed and how much stuff I have packed in these bags. I was sure there wouldn’t be room for the bigger bottles but it appears to have worked.

I stopped by the train station on my way back to my rental. I am heading to the Cinque Terre tomorrow and it looks like a couple legs of the journey require a reservation. I lucked out, the line was fairly short and the woman spoke just enough English to get me sorted out.

I got logged in for work, had a brief meeting with the boss, then stepped out to get pizza at the shop down the street. As I walked in the door I felt like a lamb that had just walked in to a lions den. I was completely surrounded by men and they were all staring at me. It freaked me out. For a moment I thought I should back away slowly. Fuck that, I’m hungry! I’m ready for some pizza. The gal at the register took my order and I retreated to the outdoors. It felt a bit less claustrophobic there.

It was a busy place and it took some time but the pizza arrived and I was on my way. I was expecting nothing sort of amazement when I took the first bite but I was disappointed. Maybe it was busy because its inexpensive, not necessarily delicious.

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