Treviso to Monterosso – June 30

My day started early as I had about 6 hours worth of train travel and a full work day ahead of me. My host had breakfast ready at 7:30am and was generous enough to offer me a ride to the train station.

I was unsure I was on the right train as the Italian regional trains don’t have any signage to tell you what train you’re boarding. I knew it was heading the right way, I was just anxious about getting to the next station to catch my connection to Milan.

It was the right train and I easily made my train change and was on my way to Milan. The train made its way through some beautiful countryside which I attempted to catch out the window.

The Milan central station is incredibly large and even more beautiful. I was told it was conveniently located that you could go out and see a little of the city between trains but I opted to find some lunch and the next train platform instead. No sense in tempting fate.


Milan Central Train Station


Every train seems to bring a different experience. The next regional train taking me to Monterosso had compartments of six seats, 3×3 facing each other. Its pretty uncomfortable. Especially when you get several tall people facing each other with legs intertwined. It was going to be a long 3 hours.

Midway through the journey I opted to stand up and stretch a bit. That helped. By the time I returned to the seat the man facing me was preparing to exit the train. That’s better.

We got little glimpses of the coast as the train wound around. A few views out the other window of some of the hillside towns. The surroundings are very dramatic and wonderful.

The train pulled into the Monterosso station. My airbnb host had provided me fantastic directions. You walk out of the station and there is the beach with an amazing view of the sea. Monterosso is a perfect and very walkable village in the Cinque Terre. I loved it so much I asked my host if she had any availability for the next night. All of her rooms were booked but she offered to call a friend with a hotel to see if she had availability. As luck would have it, she had a room with a sea view for just the night I needed.


Panorama of the beach in Monterosso

I unpacked a few things and went over to the hotel to check out the room. It was pretty small, especially the bathroom, but it did have an amazing view. I asked to reserve the room and headed back across town. I stopped along the wait for some dinner and to pick up a few things for lunch the next day.

It was time for me to get to work but sounded like others were out having a pretty good time. While I’m glad to have an income, its kind of a drag missing out on most of the night life. I know, cry me a river.

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