Venice & Murano – June 28

As much as I wanted to sleep in I didn’t want to get too late of a start into Venice. Giorgio had breakfast and coffee ready for me and he offered me a ride to the train station which I gladly accepted.

The next available departure according to the ticket machine was an hour and a half away. I wandered out to the platform anyway and just hung out there.

The train arrived and I quickly found myself staring at the Grand Canal. I grabbed a map then followed the crowd in hopes of finding something good. The map proved to be nearly useless since I couldn’t figure out where I started. I wandered over bridge after bridge hoping for something besides vendor tents to look at. Eventually I ran across a group of English speaking girls that looked like they had purpose so I followed them and discovered a water taxi.

If nothing else it would get me on the water where I could get more oriented. As iconic as the gondolas are, I thought I’d look pretty pathetic taking one by myself. Honestly, why pay the extra money?

We meandered down the canal and I exited the taxi near Saint Marcos square. This was definitely one of those places that you have to see. It was brilliant and hot! For some reason I had visions of little cafes sprinkled around the square but that wasn’t really the case. A couple really large grouping of cafes. Not intimate at all.

I snapped a few pictures, wandered around the square a bit, then walked down the street until I found another water taxi station. This one offered a taxi to Murano. The name was familiar and “candy-colored buildings” sprang to mind. No doubt it was something I heard on a Rick Steves program. I purchased a round trip ticket and to the half hour journey to the island.

I hadn’t done any research on what there might be to do so when we departed the boat I went in the opposite direction of the rest of the tourists. Venice is really nice but it is jam packed full of people. Murano had some of the same beauty, with out all the noise. I found a café with a menu I could read. I enjoyed the near silence while enjoying lasagna and wine. This quiet moment is where I finally had that moment of “wow, I’m in Italy!”. It must have been the peace and quiet. Haven’t had much of that in a while.

I finished my meal then walked the streets and alley ways. This is a place I could see myself living. I’d definitely need to learn Italian!

Taxied back into Venice then hopped another taxi to the train station. The heat was getting to me and work was going to be crazier than expected. Back to Treviso.





  1. I just adore Italy…I could see myself (once I marry a kabillionaire) having a villa somewhere there. Its been 30 years since I was in Venice and it sure looks the same.

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