Wandering Rome – July 4

Another leisurely day was in store. I slept in a bit and did some laundry. I loved being able to toss my things in a wash machine for a change.

Some laundry complete I headed out to St. Peter’s square. I knew it was close and there would likely be other things nearby that piqued my interest.

I wandered slowly through the square, trying to take it all it. Had another “I can’t believe I’m here moment”, snapped a bunch of pictures, then wandered down the street to see what else was nearby. Several ornate bridges, a castle, and a courthouse. There was a ton to see in a short distance.

I was getting hungry so I stopped in to a restaurant for a late lunch. As I was eating and taking it all in a pigeon walked in the door and up to the counter. I laughed and started trying to come up with a good “a pigeon walks into a bar…” joke.


I finished up lunch and headed back outside. Next to the restaurant was one of those ticket kiosks for the hop on/hop off bus. I took a look at the brochures and chose a pass. I already had tickets for attractions the next couple of mornings, but I wanted an easy way to get around to see other things as well.

I headed back in the direction of the apartment I was staying in and apparently took a wrong turn. This street went up, and up, then up some more. I stopped to ask a police officer if I was going the right way (I had a map!) and he pointed me on with another big group of tourist. So up the hill I continued to climb, certain I was going the wrong way. I was right. I found myself at Belvedere Dei Salviati, which provides a pretty incredible view of the city. While I was happy to have found this spot, climbing that hill in the heat took a lot out of me.


I wasn’t sad when my host messaged to find out where I was and offered to come pick me up on his scooter. He had some difficulty spotting me (seriously, how many red heads are there at the top of this friggen hill?) but we finally connected. Me attempting to get onto the back of the scooter was laughable. We slowly made our way back to the apartment.

I got a shower and relaxed a little bit then we were off for dinner. Since my host was of the couchsurfing variety he had requested dinner in lieu of payment for my stay. I was happy to oblige.

Dinner was fantastic but entirely too much food. Glad we had opted to walk to the restaurant so I could walk off the impending food coma. It was also great seeing the square at night.

Back to the apartment and I was ready to call it a night. The heat is just exhausting.

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