The Vatican Museum – July 5

Dealing with some insomnia so I have been tinkering with WordPress trying to organize the blog posts. I absolutely hate how one blog entries pile on top of each other. There has to be a better way! I suppose that’s a feature you get when you pay for the site. If there is a way, I will find it.

After a bit of sleep I grabbed breakfast and headed out the door. I had reserved a ticket for the Vatican museum for 10:30. While pre-purchasing is supposed to allow you to skip the line, others who had visited days before warned they still were in line for several hours. Not wanting to miss the tour slot and be out of luck I arrived about an hour in advance to find no line. What luck! I made my way in and relaxed fairly comfortably in the air conditioning waiting for the tour to start.

The museum is overwhelmingly large. One woman admitted they had missed their earlier tour time and attempted to go it alone. She was waiting with our group.

Of course the museum is filled to the brim with amazing art work, sculptures and tapestries. The tour was 3 hours of non-stop information. It was all pretty amazing and admittedly a bit overwhelming. I got some pictures but I have to say none of them are great or do a decent job of capturing the impressiveness of it all.

One thing I can say about the experience is I found myself really questioning why they hoard all these riches? Of course then I wondered what the hell was wrong with me thinking that way. 😉

Go and see it for yourself. Or google for some better pictures.

As the tour wrapped up and I walked out of the basilica and into the square a bird shit on me. I couldn’t help but laugh and how fitting it was. That’s what I get for judging the Catholic church! Fortunately the place I was staying was nearby so I was able to go home and clean up before heading back out.

It was getting a bit late in the afternoon as I hopped on the tour bus hoping to get in a few more sites before the bus stopped for the evening. I made my way to the Trevi fountain. You can imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner to find it fenced off and empty! I’m not really sure what was going on. It looked as though they were setting up light and sound equipment. Disappointed I snapped a few pictures and hopped back on the bus.

Back to the bus where I stayed until the closest end point to my accommodations. Got a few more pictures out the window.

I stopped by the house and my host wasn’t there so I wandered down the street and picked up a couple pieces of pizza. I was worn out and was off work so I called it a night.

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