Milan to St. Moritz – July 7

A nearly 6 hour train journey was in store and I needed to be back to civilization to work by 6pm. Despite the distance it was only going to be one train change. That’s always nice to see. The more trains there are, the more potential for issues or delays. The only issue on this train? My inattentiveness. As I went to sit my pants pocket caught on the armrest and ripped open. And no, it wasn’t just a little tear. Not what you want happening when your clothing options are already limited. Good thing I packed a sewing kit!

This has been my favorite train journey so far. I got some really incredible views of Lake Como, Italy as we traveled the length of the Eastern shore. The biggest challenge was to get pictures out the train window in the small breaks between trees and buildings.

Off the Italian train and on to the Swiss train where we climbed and climbed right up into the Alps. It was pure bliss! I could feel my blood pressure and body temperature decrease. This is my happy place.

The train was extra special too, it had these large windows you could open. OMG!! No more window glare! The cabin was fairly empty so I rushed from one side of the train to the other capturing pictures, occasionally taking a seat only to jump back up again. I’m sure the older couples on the train thought “stupid tourist” but who cares.

We made a lot of stops, picked up a lot of hikers, and again I found myself wishing I’d done more research. Guess its better to not know what I was missing. This is a destination I will definitely be revisiting some day.

Eventually we wound our way down the mountain and into St. Moritz. It is a stunning mountain town which looks just like what I’d imagined a Swiss town to be.

As I looked up the hill from the bottom where the train station was I decided a taxi was going to suit me just fine. I was a bit embarrassed with how far she actually drove me, but I was still relieved I didn’t have to climb that hill! I handed her Euros, she gave me back Swiss Francs. I wasn’t prepared for that, but apparently that’s what Swiss businesses do. It was a little odd to me because now I have to trust this person 1) knows the current value of the Euro against the Franc and 2)is honest. My next stop was an ATM where I withdrew Francs so I didn’t have to be all suspicious.

Got checked in to my Airbnb and got a recommendation from my host. The food was unpronounceable but really delicious. I sure did appreciate them providing an English description of the menu items.

Returned to my room to get back to work after a short few days off. Whee!

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