Lake Thun – July 13

Mother Nature refused to cooperate and I was disappointed to find it still raining heavily, no sign of the Alps looming in the background. I went ahead and took the train to Thun then take the ferry around the lake back to Interlaken. My hopes were raised as we got closer to Thun and I saw breaks in the clouds. Silly girl getting your hopes up! I was feeling pretty pouty but the medevac helicopter hovering near the train tracks put things in perspective.

As the ferry pulled away from the dock the rain returned. With the wind it was nearly impossible to find a place out on the deck that was dry. I made my way up to the top of the ship and claimed a little space near the stairs the provided a decent view, protection from the weather, and easy access to the outdoors to get a few pictures.

My initial plan was to take the ferry through both lakes. With the weather and my mood being pretty poor I decided it was time to move on. I picked up my bags from the hotel storage and got on a train bound for Lucerne. I got a few soggy window pictures along the way. I’ll be back some day.


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