Lucerne – July 14

Andy was raised near Lucerne and had great things to say so I thought I’d make a stop. I wasn’t expected in Germany until Friday and I didn’t want to linger in Interlaken praying for the weather to clear.

I had connectivity issues the evening before and Thursday is the day I have to work until my queue is clear so I wanted to get my problems sorted out. A call to the helpdesk revealed this issue wasn’t as much with my computer as it was the speed of the connection. I was a bit surprised. I had not had any connectivity issues prior to arriving in Switzerland. I never would have expected it.

I tried moving to different locations in the house and even hard wiring with limited success. I was able to connect to the server intermittently. I went ahead and got started with my work day knowing it was going to be a long day.

Work was the word of the day. I did eventually go out for a little walk to see what I was missing. Its a charming little city.

Before I went to bed I determined a trip to the office in Zurich would be necessary before moving on to Germany.



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