Soggy Bern – July 12


As predicted the rain fell hard throughout the evening and into the day. I always tell myself “I live in Seattle, rain doesn’t keep me from doing things”. Today was no exception but it didn’t take too long for me to grow weary of the rain. The misty stuff I can cope with, the downpours are another story.

On Sunday Andy had convinced me to jump into the ice cold water of the Aare river. He then told me once I’d seen the town center and visited the Bern bears I would be an honorary Bernese. Those two tasks happened to be close to each other, with Albert Einstein’s apartment right in the middle so my day was planned.

I opted to walk rather than take the bus since it was downhill. The navigation took me a route that didn’t seem too suitable for pedestrians. A detour forced me into the town center with the rest of the tourists. This was actually pretty fortunate. Covered sidewalks. Unfortunately all the window shoppers and tourists were clogging the path. Navigated my way around and down to the Bern bears. Three bears in a pit essentially. Its been a long time since I’ve been to a zoo, probably because seeing animals caged up makes me sad. Even after reading a little about the history of the pit I don’t really understand the point. Checked it off my list and went on my way.



Next stop, Einstein’s apartment. This place is quite a bit hidden amongst all the shops. Wandered down a little alley and happened upon the Munster. Its an impressive building that is difficult to get a picture of so I made a video instead, Bern Munster.

I eventually happened across the sign for Einstein’s apartment. I paid the 6 Swiss Francs and entered one of 3 rooms available to view. They have a video playing as well but I only heard German so I didn’t stop to take a look. Upstairs they have another room full of little trinkets and information about the time Einstein spent there. It was interesting but I think I was expecting more.

I took a few pictures of the clock tower then figured out what bus to hop to get back to the apartment.

I was pretty well soaked and starving when I made it back so I dropped off my bag and went back out. There was a super market and Berns best gelateria weren’t far away.

I settled in and got a little work done before my host returned home. I returned the key, said goodbye, and hopped a train to Interlaken where I would stay for the evening. The weather was due to improve and I was looking forward to getting out and touring the lakes a bit.




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