Konstanz – July 16

I could hear the girls stirring around the house so I got up and joined them for breakfast. They were all heading to work at the camp for the day. They needed a ride so Hilda suggested we go for a jump in the lake since we would be there anyway. I put on my swimsuit and we all scurried out the door.

The girls headed in to start there shift while I was given a brief tour of the campground, café, and beach. Hilda encouraged me to shower off first to prepare myself for the cold temperature we were about to decent into. What is with these people and playing in glacial run off?? The cold shower only prepares you so much. We made the mistake of easing in to the water instead of plunging. Wow, that takes your breath away. It was a bit amusing to me because I’m not stranger to cold water, but I usually am wearing a wet suit that provides some sort of warming effect.

We swam around the cove where she noted some points of interest and shared fun stories. She mentioned losing feeling in one of her fingers so we decided it was best to head back to shore and get her thawed out.

Took another cold shower before toweling off and laying on the grass to relax a bit. Again I found myself in a great water front park where there was plenty to do and space to spread out a bit. I loved it. I left my phone at home so I didn’t need to worry about is getting wet, lost, or stolen so no pics for you.

Hilda wanted to give me a tour of Konstanz so we gathered up our things and headed home. Quick change of clothes and out the door to catch the bus. At the bus stop we ran into a couple that had been at the BBQ the night before. They let us know the local history museum was free that day so we added that to the list of places to visit.

My guide knew a lot about Konstanz history. Enough that I suggested to her she consider leading tour groups. She shared a lot of great tidbits and stories. Of course I only remember a few of the details but I was fascinated nonetheless.

Old City Hall – the building used to face a large square where the town would hold most of its executions. The people of power wanted to make sure the executions were carried out without having to go out into the square so they had this viewing hole cut out of the building so they could monitor and make sure the orders were carried out.

Konstanz Council – There is an interesting bit of Catholic history associated with this site, and it ties back to the Papal Palace I visited in Avignon. Take a look at Wikipedia if you’re interested in learning more about the “false” Pope.


Imperia – positioned in the harbor near the Council site is Imperia. A controversial statue that refers a short story by Balzac, La Belle Impéria. A statue of a prostitute holding two naked men in her hands. One with a crown, the other with the papal tiara.

We wandered the city for most of the afternoon then stopped at a beer garden where we had beer and shared some short ribs and fries. Not terribly German I suppose, but they were delicious!

Heinrich (Hilda’s husband) and Laura picked us up in Konstanz and we drove over to Radolfzell. A big festival was kicking off the next day and a band would be playing earlier in the evening. We made our way to the water front where we found a sparse crowd and a rather disappointing brass band. I think they were hoping to show me a traditional German oompah band but this was not it. We wandered around the town for a little while, grabbed some ice cream, then headed for home.

We capped off the evening with cocktails on the patio. I couldn’t tell you what I was drinking but it was delicious. Clever Hilda used frozen berries rather than ice cubes to cool our drinks.


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