Delayed arrival in Munich – July 19

I finally forced myself out the door and up to the bus stop. I wasn’t sure why I was so reluctant to leave but my host in Munich was waiting and it was going to be a fairly lengthy trip.

Made it to Konstanz for the first train. A woman sitting near me on the platform got up to take something to the trash and asked if I’d watch her bag. I’m learning to appreciate these chance encounters as a few minutes later she saved me from a lot of hassle when they changed the departure platform for our train. The message was in German and I never would have known had she not told me.

Train was Konstanz was delayed 20 minutes. I checked my Rail Planner app, I should still have plenty of time to catch my next connection. The Konstanz train arrives, we pull out of the station and down the track a few minutes and stop. We waited, and waited, and waited some more. My blood pressure was rising. I don’t know how long we sat there, or why, but I knew I wasn’t going to make my connecting train. Search the app, find another route.

At the connecting station I hop from one train to another with barely a moment to spare. We leave the station, get down the tracks a few minutes, and stop. Ugh! I noticed the girl I’d talked to on the platform in Konstanz and she looks even more stressed than me. I got up and went over to talk to her. She was trying to get to Stuttgart airport to catch a plane. I really felt for her and I got a little perspective.

The train started moving again and as I got off at the ULM station I wished her well. I found the platform for my final train into Munich. Bah! Delayed! I was pretty surprised (as well as frustrated) because I hadn’t had issues like this with any of the trains over the last bunch of weeks of traveling. It wasn’t until that moment that I thought about the attack on the train in Würzburg the night before. While Konstanz, and the stations for my connections, weren’t terribly close to Wurzburg I suppose there could have been a ripple effect.

I finally made it to Munich, found my way to the metro station then on to my hosts apartment. Got settled in and started work. Apparently I was too annoyed or just not terribly inspired by my surroundings because I didn’t take a single picture of the journey.

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