Mainau and Reichenau – July 18

My original plan had me heading to Munich today but I was encouraged to stay another day and go see the botanical gardens on Mainau island. Since Mainau was a site that had come recommended and was the original reason for visiting Konstanz it didn’t seem right to leave without seeing it. Hilda and Laura were both working so I took the bus to the island and spent several hours roaming the gardens.

When I got back to Konstanz Laura and Hilda were both home. We had a cup of coffee and decided to go take another swim in the lake. Yup, still cold! We warmed ourselves a bit in the sun. Laura wanted me to see Reichenau. During my stay they had referred to it as vegetable island as most of the island seemed dedicated to growing produce. We drove around the island a bit and stopped at a camp to get dinner. After eating we thought we’d take a walk along the shore but there wasn’t a great view from the path so we abandoned that plan and headed back, stopping at a produce stand before leaving the island.


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