Meersburg, Germany – July 17

It was another low key day with a journey to Meersburg being the highlight. Armed with specific directions I caught the bus to the ferry which took me across Lake Konstanz.

I slowly but steadily made my up the steep hill to the upper part of town, weaving my way through all the window shoppers.

I arrived at the new castle which is quite pink and lovely sitting on top of the hill. I browsed the gardens and enjoyed the hilltop view. A couple different groups of people approached and asked if I’d take a picture for them. This happens frequently enough I’m starting to wonder if I could make a career of it. Hang out at tourist sites and charge a Euro to take a picture. Dare to dream!

From the new castle you can look down on the old castle. I was promptly distracted by the water wheel and decided to take a closer look. This is another one of those fascinations I don’t really understand. Somehow I think it has something to do with all those Little House on the Prairie episodes I watched as a kid.

I made my way down the hill to the lower part of town. Sat at an outdoor café and had a quick snack before exploring some more. There isn’t a lot to the town if you’re not a shopper, but it is lovely nonetheless.

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