Marienplatz & Viktualienmarkt (Munich)- July 20

The train stations around central Munich can be quite impressive, like little cities under ground. Lots of food options, shops, toilets and multiple exits. By some stroke of luck as I exited the Marienplatz station I was immediately greeted by the Old Town Hall, Neues Rathaus. This neo-gothic building is one of the most recognizable in Munich and houses the Glockenspiel which is really impressive by itself (here are some shaky videos of the Glockenspiel in action 1, 2, 3). I stood and stared for quite some time, taking the occasional picture. So much to take in with the clock and statues and spires. Gorgeous!

I wandered down the square into the Karlsplatz area. Past the crowd at the fountain where some building across the street caught my eye. Then another fountain and park. I wandered pretty aimlessly into the afternoon, eventually making my way back through the square and to the Viktualienmarkt, a daily food/farmers market. I picked up some Williams (pear schnapps), mountain cheese, and “the best brownie in town” as well as a pretzel and cherry royale at the bakery. On my way to the train station I stopped at another bakery to get some lunch then headed to my hosts place to get my workday started.


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