Birthday without cake – July 23

Chris’ flight was rebooked for Sunday so I had an unexpected weekend in Munich. I checked the news and they had determined there was only one shooter, who killed himself, so the restrictions had been lifted. The lack of crowds in Marienplatz made it clear to me people were still in shock and fear over last nights events. The large police presence on the streets provided some comfort.

My friend at the front desk gave me some great instructions on how to find the English Gardens from Marienplatz. Sadly I failed to follow those instructions and ended up walking WAY out of the way then back again. It was one of those neighborhoods tourists don’t frequent and I felt really uncomfortable. I was happy when I started seeing familiar thing. I used the GPS to get me the rest of the way to the Englischer Garten to see to the Eisbach surfers.

I watched for a while and decided to find some lunch. I knew there was a restaurant in front of the hotel and that seemed like an easy option. The special for the day called to me and I was so pleased with my choice.

The hotel had a washer/dryer available for guests so I spent the afternoon doing some laundry and lounging around. It was my birthday afterall.

After the wash and nap was done I decided to get dinner at Weisses Brauhaus which had come recommended by my friend Barry. As I waited at the crosswalk I noticed some lightening in the distance. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder if thats coming or going?” then carried on my way. The smarter reaction would have been to return to the hotel room for my umbrella.

I took the metro to Marienplatz and stepped out to find it raining pretty heavily. Great! “It’s only a 2 minute walk, how bad can it be?”. Not my brightest evening. I stepped out into the rain and pretty instantly had regrets. Oh well, I’m committed. Made it to the restaurant and walked in looked like a drowned rat. I felt pretty silly but I took a seat and ordered dinner.

I was disappointed there was no cake on the menu. It hadn’t felt very birthday-like not being with friends or family, and I thought cake would help. Cake makes everything better. I would settle for the apple streudel. Or so I thought. By the time the waitress came back around and I asked for some the kitchen had closed. Sigh.

Thankfully the rain had subsided so I didn’t get wetter on the way to the train station. As I reached the stairs I could smell baked goods so I made my way to the shop and got myself a cookie. It would have to do. Quick train ride and I was back to the hotel for the evening.


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