Concentration camp, shooting, and derailed plans – July 22

Checked out of the hotel, stored the baggage, and made my way across the street to the train station. I was taking a tour to Dachau Concentration Camp. A train, bus, and short walk later we were standing near the entrance looking at the train tracks used to bring thousands of victims to the camp. I knew it was going to be a heavy day but its hard to adequately describe how I felt in that moment, and the duration of the visit.

I took a little video entering the gate to the camp. Can you imagine what it would have felt like walking through there as a prisoner?

We spent about 3 hours listening to the guide sharing information about how the camp operated, what the conditions were like, and what prisoner’s daily lives were like. We did not get very much free time to look through all of the displays and photos which was a bit disappointing, but I got a lot out of the guide. It is free to visit the camp, and audio tours are available so don’t feel like you need to visit using a planned tour.

We wrapped up the tour and made our way back to Munich. I collected my bags from the hotel and put them in a storage locker at the train station. I still hadn’t figured out where we (a friend is joining me from England) would be staying for the evening. I wasn’t having much luck with the airbnb leads. After about an hour of waiting for a guy to get back to me I opted to get a hotel room. I gathered my bags and made my way out to the street. The hotel was just around the block. If you haven’t already done so, read Tonight, I ran for my life for details on the events that unfolded.

Picking up from there…

I spent the remainder of the evening locked down in my hotel room. Chris was in England waiting for a flight that kept getting delayed. I had heard all public transportation in the city had been shut down and people were advised to stay home. Flight was delay, flight was boarding, flight was delayed again, then finally the flight was canceled. While this definitely put a wrench in my plans I was glad I did not have to worry about how Chris was going to get to the hotel.

Eventually the adrenaline wore off and I settled in to bed for some sleep.

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