Rain and work woes – July 21

It was raining when I woke up and I just wanted to stay in bed. Dima was heading to meet his family in Russia for vacation so I packed to move on to somewhere new. He made sure to mention he didn’t need to leave the house until early afternoon so there was no need for me to rush off. So I stayed and got caught up on a few things and got a little work done.

As early afternoon rolled around I made my way to the train station and into Munich. The sun had broken through the clouds so I’d hoped to get checked in to the hotel, drop my bags, and go see a few things before work.

I made it to the hotel without getting rained on. As I settle in I hear some rumbling so I peeked out the window to find the skies were getting ugly. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll check to make sure I can get connected to work ok before I go out. Good call. Shortly after it started pouring rain. While I realize I’m not so sweet I’ll melt I didn’t feel like taking a fully clothed shower.

As the evening wore on I was thankful I’d gotten an early start on work. I was a long night. I got to watch the sun set via the reflection on the building across from me. I broke away briefly for a walk around the block then proceeded to stay up way too late.

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