Schloss Nymphenburg and the Third Reich Walking Tour – July 24

Another day without an agenda so I decided to take the tram to Schloss Nymphenburg. Looking at the map it made sense to go from there to the Olympia park (home of the 1972 Olympics). I noticed a Tourist Information location on my way to the tram and stopped for information about the park. While the Olympics are always captivating, I wasn’t sure if an empty facility would be.

I browsed the information as the tram took me through the city. Exited the tram and found gorgeous views as I walked toward the palace. From what I understand the inside is a museum. It looked busy and I wasn’t much in the mood for crowds so I walked through the courtyard and into the gardens.

The large trees provided shade from the heat as I wandered aimlessly enjoying the relative quiet. The gondola on the lake seemed a bit out of place but who doesn’t love gondolas? There were lots of families and joggers, good people watching.

There was a cafe off the gardens. I scanned the menu but othing looked appealing so I carried on my way. Nothing in the Olympia park brochure struck my fancy so I opted to head toward the hotel.

Here is a video and some pictures.

I noticed the time and realized if I hurried I could make it to the meeting point for the Third Reich walking tour. I stepped up to the counter and asked if I’d made it in time for the tour. The ginger boy on the other side greeted me enthusiastically and told me I’d made it just in time. He was pretty flirty and I responded in kind. Us gingers have to stick together after all! I apparently flirted my way into a “student” discount.

For 3 hours we wandered the streets of Munich learning about Hitlers struggles when he arrived in Germany, his time in the military, and eventual rise in popularity. We visited many building and sites related to these stories. It was a long but fascinating afternoon.

With the tour complete I made my way back to the hotel to freshen up. Chris was flying in and I needed to get to the airport with enough time to pick up the rental car and meet up at the arrivals hall.

Got on the train and quickly realized it was headed in the wrong direction. Off the wrong train then on to the right one. A stop later a couple sat down near me. We got to talking and it turns out they weren’t a couple at all. They had been on a flight together the day before that had a connection in Munich. The connecting flight was canceled so they found themselves with 24 hours to spend in Munich. We had a fantastic conversation about traveling and how lovely the Ukraine is to visit. Honestly wouldn’t have been on my list but I may have to consider it once things are more stable.

As we visited the transit official came by to check out tickets. Earlier in the day I had purchased a day pass so I confidently pulled it out and showed it to the woman. “It’s not validated” she tells me. “Oh, its a day pass so I assumed it didn’t need to be since the time and date of purchase is printed on the ticket” I replied. She proceeded to tell me it has to be validated. Really?? She checked the ticket for my new friends. They had put it into the validation machine multiple times which was also wrong. Tourists! Hahah. She then asked if I was traveling with them to which I replied “no, we just happen to be sitting near each other having a conversation”. “So you’re not traveling with them?” she says. “No” I reiterate. “You will need to give me 60 Euros then, that is the fine for not having a validated ticket. But if you were traveling with these people you would be fine because they have a group pass that covers up to 5 people.” We all agreed I was traveling with them. She winked, thanked us, and went on her way. The three of us had a good laugh. Not only they provide a great way to pass the time on the train, but they saved me a lot of frustration.

We arrived at the airport, I said goodbye to my new friends, and made my way to the rental car counter. Collected my car and made it to the gate while Chris cleared customs. Hopped in the rental car, GPS loaded, and made our way back into Munich. I realized it had been several months since I’d driven a car. There were very few times I missed it. We made it to the hotel parking lot without too much trouble and got settled in for the night.


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