Autobahn and Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber was the target for day 2 of our Bavarian road trip. This time it was my turn to take on the Autobahn. Anyone who has ridden in a car with me knows I’ve got a pretty heavy foot. On the high end I had that little Fiat going 160 km/h. How I wished I had a car with some power! It was a thrill. It wasn’t just my speed but the other cars speed too. I was stunned as people blew past me like I was standing still. Or how quickly they come up on me when I was overtaking another car. You definitely don’t move into the left lane without taking several looks and moving with intention.

We made our way into the city, found a parking space, and walked through the wall surrounding the city. It is a very charming city with the typical Bavarian buildings and city center featuring a clock tower.

We wandered through a few shops and made our way to the square close to the top of the hour. The tower clock, built in 1683, has a mechanical scene that portrays mayor Nusch’s legendary drinking of over three liters of wine without stopping to save the town in 1631. It wasn’t the Munich Glockenspiel, but still impressive.


Slowly we made our way down the winding street to the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum. Chris had memories of it from a trip he’d taken as a teenager and wanted to have another look. It was interesting. Kind of sickening what humans have done to each other. I’d like to say just in medieval times but horrifying things continue to be done.

Then we visited a couple of local churches.

Then made our way to the Reichsstadtmuseum which houses eight centuries Rothenberg’s collections (ceramics, guns, swords, etc) in a old convent. I enjoyed it more than I expected but have no pictures since you have to pay 3 Euros when you enter to take pictures.

We made our way back to the car and set off for Munich. Back to the autobahn and the GPS was not happy. Near every exit it instructed us to exit and go a different way. We came to the conclusion it just really did not want us on the autobahn. Eventually I gave in and took the scenic route. I almost instantly regretted my decision as we got stuck behind a big truck. For miles and miles we were stuck behind one truck or another. Good Lord, get me back to the autobahn. Eventually we did find our way back to the fast lane and into Munich. For a while the navigation was shut off. I was sick of it trying to ruin my fun!

We got checked in to the hotel then decided to get dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. The Ompah band was playing and the crowd was loud but we found a seat and got food ordered. The food was good, beer was excellent, and service a bit lacking. I wasn’t really sure why such a big deal is made out of this place but I guess its got a lot of history.


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