Taking it easy in Munich – July 27

We were back in Munich with not much of a plan for the day. My goal was to get the rental car returned rather than paying 30 Euro to park it another night. While I took the car back Chris took himself down to Marienplatz to check things out.

On my way back into the city on the train I hopped off at Marienplatz thinking Chris would probably still be hanging around somewhere. He messaged that he was back at the hotel. Since it was raining and I’d spent plenty of time in the square I hopped back on the train.

I hadn’t planned on these extra few days off for our road trip and decided if we weren’t really going to be out doing things I may as well work.

I broke away for a bit to go downstairs to the Münchner Stubn to get dinner. We returned from dinner and found my “hotel boyfriend” working at the front desk. I felt a unique bond with this man since he was the first hotel staff member I interacted with after the panic of the Munich shooting. He had let us into the back room of the hotel and escorted us to the fitness center that evening. The next morning he was still there. He remembered me and asked if I had slept ok. I saw him every day in Munich and we always had a nice little chat. At the risk of making things awkward I asked if I could have a picture of him. He graciously agreed but only if I was in the picture too.

Back in the hotel room I watched another storm roll in and got a pretty nice shot of the stormy sunset and train station from the hotel window.

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