Little London Adventure – July 30

Ah Saturday! I took my time getting out of bed. I made my way downstairs for coffee and a little breakfast. My plans for the day were discussed and I thought I had none. Mary and Chris had asked if I’d be interested in going to the Natural History Museum in London since they had an extra pass. Shortly after agreeing to that I got a message from my co-worker Wladimir. I had completely forgotten we had made plans to explore a bit of London that afternoon.

Mary was kind enough to drop me at the train station and I made my way to Paddington station where we agreed to meet. Poor Wladimir learned first had how much trouble I can have trying to navigate the system when we tried to meet up in June. I was happy to have the extra help.

We exited the Vauxhall station and made our way toward Newtown Gallery. Along the way I noticed some boat-like structures covering some benches so I stopped to take a look. There was also a nice little view of the Parliament building from our side of the Thames.

Once at the gallery we wandered through Jeff Koons exhibit. I was pretty fascinated by his fascination with inflatable toys. The artwork is really interesting stainless steel pieces that look strikingly similar to their plastic inflatable counterparts.

There were various other pieces that were equally interesting, I always just feel a little awkward about taking pictures of artwork. If you want more information about the pieces you should check out the site (note the exhibit is only on display until Oct 2016).

From there we walked back towards the underground station and stopped at the Rose Pub. I ordered a Pimms which came with a delightful amount of fruit. It was like a boozy fruit salad. Who can be mad about that?


We hopped a train to the Brixton neighborhood. We took a look through the market and stopped at a busy little Caribbean spot and got jerk chicken. It was so delicious.


Street art at Brixton Market


Our conversation turned to David Bowie and the amount of time he apparently spent in this neighborhood. We did a little google search and discovered there was a big memorial mural nearby so we made our way there.


From there we hit the underground and changed trains a few times on the way back to Paddington station.


Random subway station view


I arrived in Reading late enough to bus to Chris and Mary’s was only running once an hour so I wandered through the little shops at the station. I was a little disoriented when I got off the bus since it was dark but I found my way to their apartment and slipped in like a teenager arriving after curfew since everyone was already in bed.

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