Cake and shopping in Reading – Aug 4

One thing I hadn’t really planned for was clothing wearing out while I was on the road. It probably should have been obvious. If you are going to wear the same 2 pairs of pants for 3 months with higher than normal activity levels things are bound to wear out.

While in Poole, Jill was generous enough to pass along some clothes that no longer fit her. She has lost an absolutely amazing and awe inspiring amount of weight and was happy to help me out. I thought it might be wise for me to do a little shopping in Reading while I was there. I’d found that many European countries don’t have many overweight people and I’d been unsuccessful at finding stores. I loathe shopping, but I needed to make sure I’d be covered and comfortable.

Chris and Aeris decided to come to Reading with me. The bus picked us up and dropped us near the shopping center. Several times in the days prior Chris had mentioned Patisserie Valerie so we decided to go there first to get some lunch and cake.

It certainly lived up to its reputation. We had a lovely meal then had the tough choice of picking a piece of cake. Honestly I wanted a bite of them all. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on perspective) there was a multi-cake option so I made my selections with promises from my lunch companions that they would help me eat it when we got home. We had checked in on Facebook when we arrived. What we hadn’t realized was Mary had pleaded with us not to bring cake home. Too late!


Apparently I was all about the chocolate and berries


All filled up we left the shop and walked through the crowd. They were going to go to the museum and I had to stop putting off my shopping. I browsed through the shop trying to figure out how they sized things. Finally sorted that out and realized they weren’t going to have pants in my size. I grabbed a few shirts off the clearance aisle and went to check out. I’m going to have to make due with what I’ve got.

I made my way back to the train station to catch the bus, cake in hand. The day wasn’t a total waste.

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