Museum of Berkshire Aviation – Aug 3

True to my desire for some rest I hadn’t done much but work for several days. I was getting a bit stir crazy, but not enough to make the trek into Reading or London. As I considered my options there was a knock at the door. The neighbor had come by to invite Chris and Aeris to go with them to the aviation museum nearby. Chris wasn’t feeling great and I thought Aeris would really enjoy the planes so I impolitely invited myself along. Raquel happily accommodated me. With a little bit of rearranging and maneuvering we got everyone piled in to the car. Luckily it was a short drive.

We all piled out at the museum and made our way inside where we were greeted by a group of older gentlemen. While the woman at the desk collected the entry fee a gentleman got up and asked the kids if they’d like to fly an airplane. Of course he got a very enthusiastic response so we made or way through the door where the kids politely took turns flying the toy plane. It was actually pretty impressive and I joked with the guy that I was envious since I was too big to get in it. He picked up on my “accent” and we chatted a bit about a road trip he had taken through the states.

The kids wrapped up their flights and we wound our way through the museum. There was a lot of history packed into that little hangar. I paused to read several of the displays as we made our way through but it seemed one of the gentlemen was getting a bit nervous about our 3 kids to 2 adults ratio. We finished a quick tour inside then headed outside to one of the planes we could get in to. The kids really got a kick out of it but honestly were just as amused entertaining themselves on the lawn while we talked with another parent.

We took at look at the other planes outside then piled back in the car. Back at home Raquel made me a really delicious cup of coffee and we visited until Mary got back from the office. Then visited some more of course. Coffee finished and the start of my work day approaching we said our goodbyes.


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