Overnight in Paris – Aug 5

This will be my second time entering the city of Paris without intending to stay. The tour of Normandy I have booked for the weekend has an early start. With me not being a morning person I thought it best to stay the night near the meeting point.

This time I opted to fly rather than take the train. For some reason I thought it would be faster and less complicated. No so much. Really the process of getting to Gatwick, through security, and all that wasn’t too bad. It was the delay which ended up being longer than the actual flight would have been. Since I’m working while I travel I had given myself a bit of a window between my flight arrival and start of the work day to try to see a little something.

My flight finally arrived in Paris and my transit to the hotel was pretty seamless. Yay! My first trip into Paris was a little stressful so it was a relief. Found the hotel and it was adorable. Small with a handful of rooms but it had a great, nearly Gothic feel to it. I was still enchanted when I got to my room. The décor was lush (not something I usually pay much attention to), the bathroom rather elegant, and the bed super comfy. I noticed the windows and fully expected to throw open the curtains and find a concrete wall. I was pleasantly surprised when instead I found and old church. Amazing!

I got logged in to work and took care of a meeting that was awaiting me. Broke away briefly to search for some dinner. I could see a ferris wheel from my window so I headed that way then down the block where I happened upon the Louvre. Guess I should have checked the map before I left. I walked through the park and caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph. In awe I snapped a few pictures and carried on my way. Another meeting was coming soon and I still needed food.

I passed a small market on the way back to the hotel when I found a little lunch and a delicious treat for later. I did not know that Haagen-Dazs made a Macadamia Nut Brittle ice cream.

Finished up my work and crawled in to bed. I knew the alarm was going to be waking me way before I was ready.

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