Paris to Prague – Aug 8

Off to the airport for an early flight. I was on my way to Prague. A few schedule changes meant having to choose between Prague and Amsterdam. I decided I couldn’t go wrong either way so opted for the less expensive route that included an opportunity to catch up with a friend from school.

I made it to Prague without issue. Walked out to find no border control whatsoever. I thought it odd but was happy to not have to waste the time in a customs line. I noticed a long line at the ATM’s and decided I should probably get some cash as well. What I hadn’t realized is while the Czech Republic is part of the EU they are not yet using the Euro for currency. I couldn’t figure out why it was taking people so long to make their withdrawals until it was my turn. I stepped up to the machine confident I’d have a quick transaction only to be faced with the options of withdrawing thousands of Czech Koruns. You have to select an amount before it tells you the exchange rate so you have an idea of what you’re investing in. After multiple tries I settled on 2000. The machine dispensed 2 thousand korun bills and I thought to myself “who the hell is going to be able to break these?”. Oh well, what choice do I have? I collected my bills and made my way to the bus stop.

My airbnb host had done an excellent job of instructing me on how to get from the airport to her place. I arrived to find a very cheerful girl who then walked me and my bags up 4 stories to her flat. Lord have mercy, that was a lot of work. “The best views are on the higher floors” she tells me. Those of you who know me can imagine what I wanted to say, but I refrained.

She sat me down and gave me all sorts of great information about her neighborhood and Prague in general. She made some recommendations, gave me a map, and told me to ask if I had any question. The room was lovely, the flat was cute, the view was pretty amazing, and the hostess was a fellow Leo.

The Louvre had been recommended as a place to get some traditional food so I headed that direction. Along the way I walked through the Quadrio shopping center and came across the statue of Kafka. It was pretty fascinating to watch the different sections spins around then all return to place only to spin off again. I made it to the Louvre and was pleasantly surprised. Established in 1920 the building has a lot of character. I could think of a few friends who would absolutely love to have a drink or dinner there. I had the roast beef with cranberries and cream sauce. I took a picture of the menu and now I can’t recall exactly which one it was.

I snapped a few pictures of buildings on my walk back to the flat. I had stopped to throw something in the trash and behind me I heard a car hit a pedestrian. I turned to find her on the ground and the driver rushing to her. He must not have seen her as he turned from a side street, and she wasn’t crossing in the cross walk. They helped her to her feet and put her in the car. I can only assume he took her to the hospital or doctor to have her checked. It was eye opening, definitely need to be crossing the street with care here.

Back to the flat in time to start work. Glad I got a taste of Prague.

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