Rainy day in Prague – August 9

I woke to the sound of rain on August 9th. This was a stark contract to the weather in Prague the day before. I rolled over and pulled the covers over my head. I was getting hungry and knew I needed coffee so I got dressed and made my way out to the street. I was eager to see the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square and the rain wasn’t enough to keep me from that. I’ve become fascinated with Europe’s fascination with clocks!

My airbnb wasn’t far and I found my way through the maze of streets to the square. My guess is the crowd was slightly smaller than usual as the top of the hour struck. I got a nice view of the clock and took what I hoped to be a good video*.

I wandered the square taking pictures of some of the buildings and their lovely frescoes. I wound back through the streets, following the signs to the Charles Bridge. This is apparently where all the people I was expecting to see in the town square were. The bridge was packed with tourists and their umbrellas, taking in the view of the Prague Castle. The bridge and the statues appear very dark and gothic. I presume its because they haven’t needed the cleaning or repair that many of the works around Europe needed after WWII.

I looked down river and notice a Pride flag flying at the end of the island. I was a little surprised but I’m not sure why.

I walked the length of the bridge and decided I’d had enough of the rain. I made my way back toward the airbnb. I stopped at a pizza place and was given the last seat in the house. I was pleased. There were plenty of people sitting at patio seating that looked pretty miserable despite the space being covered. The pizza was surprisingly good even if it wasn’t a Traditional Czech meal.

I arrived at the flat to find my hostess in the kitchen. She offered me a cup of tea and we sat for a bit to chat. She was such a sweet girl and a it was obvious she loved sharing her city with tourists. She had made pudding while I was out and instructed me to help myself after it had a little time to cool. She excused herself to go teach a yoga class and I hunkered down to work for the evening.


*My phone was pick pocketed on August 18th and sadly I had not backed up the pictures for a 10-day span elsewhere. I’ll have a very limited amount of pictures to share with you. Just a few I posted to Facebook and a handful from travel companions I had during this time.


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