Catching up with an old friend in Malá Strana

August 10 – Facebook has done a wonderful job of reconnecting me with friends from childhood and I had the good fortune of catching up with one of these friends while in Prague. Ruth and I had made plans to meet at the Malá Strana station in the afternoon. I headed to the town square to check out the clock again. I proceeded to wander some of the side streets I hadn’t been down before. I stopped in a shop for some water and found myself a little Praha magnet of the clock. My souvenir shopping had been kept minimal since my bag didn’t allow for much extra but this was perfect. As I stepped out of the shop the sounds of Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here” echoed down the street. I simultaneously felt out of place and strangely comforting.

I made my way back through the square and across the Charles Bridge, feeling confident I knew where I was going. I marched all the way to the St. Nicholas church before I realized I’d taken the wrong bridge. Thank God for GPS! I meandered my way to our meeting point and found Ruth and her dog, Kiko, visiting with another dog owner.

The plan was to go to a French restaurant to see if they still had their lunch special available. Of course we walked back the direction I’d just come from. Café De Paris did not have their lunch specials board out so we kept on walking. We found a nice restaurant with outside seating which worked well with the dog. As we enjoyed our meal the weather started to turn. It is very possible this was the first time I felt cold during my journey. We grabbed our check and ducked into a bar across the street. The bartender knew her and kept the beer flowing as we chatted away.

The start of my work day was lingering so she walked me back to the bridge and sent me on my way with plans to get together again the following day.

Along the way I stopped at the Kafka sculpture and snapped a funny picture of my reflection. I look a little suspicious…


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