Unofficial David Černý art mini tour

August 11 – I spent some time hanging out with my host while I waited for word from Ruth about meeting up. She was going to be on my side of the river to run an errand. She suggested we meet up near where I was staying then stop off to see a few of the installments of David Černý around Prague.

As “luck” would have it there were 2 stores of the same name within a few block radius of my flat. Of course she was at one and I was at the other. It didn’t take too long for us to connect and we were nearly in front of our first stop, the Lucerna Palace, who’s central atrium houses the Svaty Vaclav statue. It’s an interesting sight.


From there we made our way back to the Malá Strana neighborhood where we stopped for lunch at Kolkovna Olympia. The menu tempted us with some ridiculously huge but irresistible meal. Thankfully the weather was a bit better suited for patio dining.

After lunch we took a walk past the Museum Kampa to see the giant baby sculptures. Again, very interesting and odd.


The nearby park allowed for Ruth’s dog to burn some energy and interrupt another dogs training session. From there we walked to the Petřín Funicular. There was quite a line and Ruth had things to tend to so we said farewell.

I’m not a terribly patient person so when it started to rain while I waited in the painfully long line I decided it was time for me to make my way back. I happened upon an eerie sight, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism. I paused for a few minutes to reflect and take a picture.

Memorial to the victims of Communism - closer view

As I crossed the bridge I succumbed to my curiosity about what was happening on Střelecký ostrov so I took the elevator down to check it out. I had seen Pride flags flying at the end of the island, and frequently a DJ playing as I ventured back home. I knew it was Pride week and I thought it would be fun to bring back some Prague Pride souvenirs. As I wandered through the few booths that were set up I didn’t find anything that was specific to Prague so I made my way back to the elevator and back to the flat.

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