Last day in Prague

August 12 – Out on the streets far earlier than my body cared to be I was excited the day had come for me to visit Kutná Hora. Most people looked at me strangely when I told them about the Bone Church but I found the idea of it quite intriguing.

I arrived at the kiosk where a not so pleasant woman “greeted” me. I told her I was checking in for the Kutná Hora tour and gave her my name. She checked the list, I wasn’t on it. She called someone on the radio and they had an exchange in Czech. She proceeds to tell me the tour is full and that I had been sent an email notifying me that my reservation could not be made. I know the look on my face said it all. I was angry because I never saw any email, I even checked my phone again and showed her I’d received nothing. Unfortunately that didn’t change the fact the bus was full. They offered to book me on the next days tour but that wouldn’t work, I was leaving Prague. Then it was suggested I wait to see if anyone didn’t make it or canceled at the last minute. I was annoyed but thought it worth the few extra minutes to see if I got lucky.

They invited me on the bus to go to the other pick up point just in case. Upon arrival I was taken off the bus and told that everyone had shown up. Ugh! I knew the chances were slim but I found myself extra annoyed that they had hauled me across town just to leave me hanging.

I pouted my way to a nearby McDonalds to get some breakfast. There were likely more interesting options available if I’d taken the time to look but I was ready for coffee and a familiar menu.

With caffeine in the bloodstream and food in my stomach I decided to go to Prague Castle since I had only seen it from a distance. One of my favorite things about Prague is how walkable it is, even the castle perched on a hill didn’t require a taxi or Uber.

The complex is free to enter, but an entrance fee is required for the exhibitions and many of the buildings. I snapped a few pictures of the view from the entrance then got my bag checked by the guard. Not having done my research I wasn’t sure what there would be to see. As I made my way up the hill I noticed there was a lunchtime concert taking place in one of the exhibition halls. It piqued my interest but I was quickly distracted when I caught a glimpse of the St. Vitus Cathedral. It pains me that my pictures of this amazing structure where lost. Thankfully the internet can fill in the gaps for me. Its difficult to get the cathedral in the frame of my cell phone because of the other buildings lining the castle walls. Having been through several cathedrals in Europe already I opted to skip paying and waiting in line to see this one, a decision I regret.

I wove my way through the alleys and walkways I was allowed to for free and was plenty entertained. I left the walls of the castle and wandered through the park, taking in the stunning views of Prague laid out below. Even on a relatively bleak summer day it was a sight to behold. I took my place on a park bench and did some people watching. There was one guy racing from one picturesque spot to the next, setting up his camera and tripod to get a picture of himself in a old-school selfie way. It made me thankful I was taking the time to savor the moments rather than just capture them on film.

I took my time wandering back down the hill and around Prague making my way back to the flat so I could work for the evening. It was my last full day in Prague and I was feeling like I hadn’t really explored much. Guess I’ll have to go back some day.

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