Palace of Versailles

August 20 – We purchased our tickets in advance hoping to save some time. When we arrived at the palace we a pretty long line and were a bit disappointed that it was all ticket holders waiting to enter, just like us. Fortunately it wasn’t raining and there are certainly way worse places to hang out.

It is hard to grasp the exquisiteness of the palace rooms. It is difficult for my simple, peasant mind to understand the luxury and lavishness. I believe it is one of those places you could visit day after day and see something new or different every time. Its impossible to take in all of the detail.

After visiting all of the rooms open to tour we headed outside to the garden. It was gorgeous and expansive. Fountains and flowers and acres upon acres of greenery. I wandered a small portion of the garden and decided to take a seat for a bit. My knee had been giving me trouble since the Palio and I was content to sit back and people watch.

We got a little view of the fountain show then headed off to find a late lunch then hopped the train back into Paris.


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