My day at the Louvre

August 21 – Now a solid 2 months into my journey I woke feeling less than fantastic. I think having my cell phone stolen took a bit of wind out of my sails. My leg had been giving me some trouble for several days, to the point I was limping around frustrated. I hadn’t replaced the phone because we would soon be heading to England where a friend had one to spare so I didn’t want to spend the money.

Despite my less than cheery demeanor I was looking forward to our visit to the Louvre. I was pleased to find our “skip the line” tickets saved us a fair amount of time. I put the batteries into the outdated point and shoot camera I’d been relying on for photos since the phones disappearance. Ugh, batteries are almost dead. Oh well. I guess this is going to be another opportunity for me to live in the moment rather than capture it all through the lens.

The Louvre is massive. I’m not sure how many days it would take to actually see the entire thing. Lots of winding corridors, up the stairs, down the stairs, and a patiently awaiting your turn to get a closer look at the popular pieces. All worth every bit of suffering I endured.

After many hours of wandering the halls I decided I had seen all I could see for the day. I resigned myself to the fact I was simply going to have to come back again some day and do a proper job of it. Not wanting to cut Jennifer’s visit short I told her I would meet her at the café we had passed on our way into the Louvre that morning. After waiting for her for several hours I got the impression we had a miscommunication. I reentered the Louvre and found her frantically looking for me inside, near the café within the museum.

We made our way to the metro station and stopped off at the Gard du Nord. For days we had been trying to book tickets on the Eurostar from Paris to London online and were not having any success. Rather than taking our chances of paying higher fares or missing out on our desired timeslot we decided to purchase our tickets in person. Ah, one less thing to worry about.


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