Back to the Pancreas

August 22 – You are right, the proper name of the station in London is St. Pancras but the first time I saw the name I couldn’t help but think about the organ.

We left Paris at a relatively early hour so we could get into London with enough time to do a little exploring. The initial plan was to drop our bags at the station so we could roam freely but the line for drop off, expense, and inconvenience of having to return to the station to collect the bags deterred us.

Jennifer purchased her return ticket to Paris while we were at the station, we grabbed a big breakfast, then hopped on the tube.

Knowing the Westminster station would provide easy access to one of the most notable, and probably photographed, areas in London. We made our way to the street and walked around a bit enjoying the view and atmosphere.

From there we made our way to Paddington station and westward to be reunited with my friends outside of Reading.

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