Overnight in London

August 24 – After several days of spending a lot of time transiting back and forth to London the decision was made to get a hotel room in London for our last night. We had a fairly early flight from Stanstead in the morning and knew getting there from Reading was going to be time intensive.

So we packed our things and I said farewell to my UK guardian angels. Beyond just loving being with them it was very comforting to know I had a home base to seek refuge during my trip. Sad but inevitable good byes.

We checked in to our hotel, dropped our bags then made our way to St. Pauls Cathedral. After wandering around the outside we poked out heads inside and opted to carry on rather than tour the cathedral.

Down the street we cashed in out tickets to the hop-on hop-off bus. After a bit of flirting from the driver we took our seats with the goal of getting to the British Museum. We weren’t exactly close I did not grasp how gawd awful the traffic is in the city. Another situations that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

I rode along for as long as I could but we ended up exiting the bus near Westminster. I took the tube back to the hotel and she headed for the museum. Unfortunately for Jennifer she still didn’t make it to the museum in time. It was still open, but only for about 15 minutes after she arrived so she opted against it.

We settled in for the evening, excited about heading to Athens, Greece the next morning!




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