Athens and the Acropolis – DreamTrip Day 3

August 27 – After breakfast we loaded on to the bus for a half-day tour of Athens. It was a short drive to parking lot for the Acropolis. This is another one of those sites that felt surreal. You see pictures and read the stories and myths but never imagine you’d be seeing it in person.  Stunning.

Time running out I made my way back to the parking lot. I got a little turned around and exited a different way than we’d entered. I was a little concerned but eventually spotted what I believed to be the correct parking area. I stood in the shade for a bit and was joined by others from the group. Whew.

The bus eventually found a place to park and we loaded up to continue our tour around Athens. We made a stop for photographs at Panathinaikos Stadium. Another impressive structure. You can pay to get in but our time was limited and I wasn’t sure what there really was to do except walk the stadiums stairs.

We made a stop at the Parliament building and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we found the Greek version of palace guards. No tall, fluffy hats but same stoic face and rigid stance. They did have a guard for the guards that would give tourists warnings if they were doing anything that was not allowed.

Several other sites of interested where passed as the guide provided us their history. I took pictures as best I could. One final stop near the shopping center to let off the shoppers then we were returned to the hotel for an afternoon on our own.

Jennifer and I freshened up then walked down the street to get a picture of Dromeas, the glass running man statue, at a nearby intersection. We stopped at a casual little restaurant and had a nice lunch outside. It wasn’t as amazing as the meals we’d had at the hotel, but it wasn’t as expensive either.


Back at the hotel we took the remaining time before dinner to get online and take care of things.  With another fairly early flight in the morning we were making or confirming our travel plans and trying ensure we didn’t encounter too much drama on our return flight.

That evening everyone gathered in the hotel restaurant for a farewell dinner. It was an interesting evening. The Chinese travelers seemed none too impressed with the meal. They did make polite smiles and the daughter was doing her best to translate so we could have a conversation.

Another wonderful adventure coming to an end.

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