Quick stop in England

August 28 – The taxi was waiting for use as we got to the lobby. We were off to the airport for an early flight back to London. At the airport we were surprised to find the taxi fare was nearly double what we had paid several days before. Turns out the flat rate only applies to certain hours. Not a big deal, it was so much easier than trying to sort out a bus at such an early hour.

The lines for Ryanair customer service were long, not a surprise either. This time Jennifer and I took the divide and conquer approach. While I stayed in the ridiculous line she checked out the quicker moving line next to us to see if it would be sufficient. It was. High five! Boarding pass in hand and passports checked we made it to the gate. We took turns getting breakfast while the other sat with the bags. Hooray! A reasonably decent meal without having to pay the ridiculous airline price.

The rest of the flight was seamless which was a relief. We breezed through customs and I decided to stop at the ATM for some cash before heading to the bus. Decline! Well that is weird. The card worked just fine in Athens. I attempted to get the account balance and it was declined as well. I was concerned my purchase that morning in Athens then again in London immediately after the flight may have triggered a fraud alert. Nothing could be done at the moment so we moved on.

Jennifer had her heart set on exploring the British Museum but I wanted to get someplace where I could get my debit card issues handled. We decided to take separate busses. Looking back I’m not sure why we opted for busses rather than taking the train. Regardless, I took both of our bags and headed toward Reading while Jennifer headed in to London.

Navigating with both bags wasn’t too much trouble since we were both packing light. Good thing since I had a little trouble finding my way from the bus stop to the Paddington station entrance.

Once at Mary’s I checked my account online and didn’t see any issues with my account. I called their fraud line to see if there had been a hold put on my account. Nothing.

Mary, Aeris, and I went for a nice little swim at the local pool then got an ice cream at the Burger King next door. Later in the evening Mary took me to the grocery store where I found an ATM and had no issues withdrawing money. I was relieved!

It was a wonderfully low key afternoon.


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