August 29 – Mary took some time away from work and drove me and Jennifer out to Stonehenge. I had been taken past there when on my first trip to England in 2002, but I welcomed an opportunity to get a closer look.

We took our time going through the visitor center then made our way outside. Peeked into the Neolithic houses and tried our hand an moving the big stone. Didn’t budge.

I think our timing was nearly perfect since there was no line for the shuttle that drops you near the Stone Circle. It was a great day to wander the English countryside. The line of cars backed up on the motorway was an interesting sight to see as well. I guess being a lookie-lou is easier than stopping by and paying to see it.

Back at the Visitor Center a little shopping was done then we grabbed a snack at the café before heading home. I was pretty excited when I discovered they had cream tea! I swear I could live on clotted cream, jam, and scones. Yumm!

IMAG0269 The rest of the day was spent hanging out and repacking.

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